LagoGENESIS is a company of the LAGO Group with proven experience in the development and production of mechanical and electronic devices and systems dedicated to the protection, control and management of the fuel of the tanks of industrial and commercial vehicles. We rely on cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies, focusing on 3 main factors: safety, effectiveness and reliability.

LAGO, with 60 years of tradition and experience, is a renowned manufacturer of equipment for trucks and trailers: tool and storage boxes, water tanks, mudguards, fire extinguisher boxes, hygiene, special carriers, protection devices.

Auger is one of the world’s leading aftermarket suppliers of spare parts for commercial vehicles. Auger is characterized by quality, reliability and innovation, expanding its network in over 60 countries with more than 35,000 items of spare parts and equipment.

Back retro-reflective and fluorescent panels for trucks, tractors and trailers pursuant to regulation ECE/ONU 70 and ECE/ONU 70 amendment 01. Panels for protruding type-tested loads in aluminium, Italian, Spanish and Benelux type and fixed or folding signs for parked vehicles, signalling panels for transport of dangerous goods (A.D.R.), speed signs for approved vehicles, quality small discs for standard and automatic tachographs and rolls of thermal paper for digital tachographs, composition of A.D.R. bags and accessories, non-deformable bands for signalling of hydraulic sides.