Shell is one of the world leaders in the production of motor oils and lubricants. Shell is also the world’s largest oil and gas company. The performance of Shell oils and lubricants enables a longer engine life. Wear, heat and cold are constant problems for engines, but Shell lubricants minimize the damage from permanent damage. Instead, fuel consumption is visibly reduced, the oil “ages” more slowly because internal friction is reduced. All this is made possible by Shell lubricants, extending the life of each engine.

Fuchs high-performance oils and lubricants are characterized by safety, reliability, efficiency and cost savings. Technology that pays off!

For over 90 years, TotalEnergies has been investing in the development of new technologies for the production of high-quality oils that perfectly adapt to all types of engines and protect the engine from wear. TotalEnergies offers specially designed products to reduce fuel consumption, preserve the environment and increase the performance of each engine.

Lubricant factory FAM was founded in 1966. FAM is a leader in the production of lubricating greases and special lubricants, metalworking oils, anti-corrosion protection agents and degreasing and cleaning agents with the greatest growth trend in the production of motor oils.

Würth oils are characterized by maximum performance at low and high engine temperatures. Some of the characteristics are: improve cold start, optimal lubrication, extremely clean engine, combustion without residues, without smoke, without harmful benzene, aromatic compounds and with little sulfur, minimal odors of exhaust gases.