Auger is one of the world’s leading aftermarket suppliers of spare parts for commercial vehicles. Auger is characterized by quality, reliability and innovation, expanding its network in over 60 countries with more than 35,000 items of spare parts.

TRW steering systems are installed in every third European commercial vehicle meeting all the challenges faced by heavy commercial vehicles. All parts meet strict OE standards. The most rigorous testing process available ensures that TRW steering system parts can operate safely and efficiently in all conditions. Steering gears type TAS produced with the least necessary moving parts and thus achieve the best torque. THP-type steering gears offer drivers quicker steering, improved turn-in and return-to-center response. TRW are industry leading steering system parts that last longer than the competition, saving you money and time.

CEI brand has always been recognized, in the spare parts business, as synonymous with quality and reliability. For over 50 years we have been producing spare parts for trucks, buses and commercial vehicles. Our products are perfectly interchangeable with genuine parts, designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies and production systems.

CEI’s products range includes a comprehensive choice of spare parts for gearbox and differential repair and a wide choice of components for the chassis as well as for steering systems, braking systems, suspensions and engines. Every day thousands of spare parts dealers and repair shops choose CEI for vehicle repair and service.